Saturday, September 12, 2009

Longmeadow Real Estate Continues to Improve

There was good news this month....both home sales and prices in Longmeadow are increasing!!

Home sales in the month of August were significantly higher than one year ago (19 vs. 12) and YTD figures improved to show an increase vs. 2008 (110 vs. 103, a 7% increase).

[click chart to enlarge]

Median home selling prices in August continued to increase toward the peak reached in October 2007 ($350,000 vs. $335,000 in August). Median home prices in Longmeadow are up 8.1% from August 2008 ($335,000 vs. $310,000).

With an increasing number of homes being sold and the accompanying increase in median home sales prices, it does appear that a bottom may be forming for the Longmeadow real estate market (as well as the rest of the US). This combined with a recovery economy may lead to a more normally functioning real estate market in 2010.

Here is a link to the data for 2006-2009 Real Estate Transactions that were used to develop the above graphs.

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