Friday, November 20, 2009

The Real Estate Market is Hot!

We are only a week away from the holiday season and typically, this is the time of year where the real estate business starts to wind down a little. This year, things are very different than in years past. In fact, the 2nd half of the year proved to be the busiest our office has seen in three years. As well, we are seeing bidding wars on properties that are priced to market and buyers that continue to come out in droves to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

Many economists feel that this splurge in real estate sales is due to the fact that the extension and expansion of the tax credit has had an enormous impact on the market. This makes good sense if you consider the impact the Cash for Clunkers tax program had on auto sales this summer. Other local economists feel that this spark is due to the fact that unemployment rates in both MA and NH are statistically much lower then the national average so that the number of qualified home buyers in our marketplace is higher as well.

Whatever the case, the real estate market is hot! As the weather cools and the leaves on the trees are almost gone, I look forward to doing my small part in helping buyers and sellers thrive in what appears to be the best market we’ve seen in years.

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